Time Updater is a system time synchronization program.

time updater


Time Updater 1.0 [August 5, 2020] Windows Installer [21Mb]:

Download Time Updater 1.0


Time Updater update system time at regular intervals by connecting to time servers.
You can set any value of update interval to keep your system time accuracy.


Time Updater is free software with open source. The code is under the MIT license. Read Time Updater License information.
You can use Time Updater on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization.
You don't need to register or pay for Time Updater.


If you discover any problems with this version or would like to make a suggestion,
please contact:

Time Servers

Time Updater update system time by connecting to multiple time servers from the list one by one
until either the time is successfully synchronized or the list is over.
You can set any number of time servers in settings file.